Composite Decking

Also known as plastic decking, the composite deck industry has become more popular with people who either are building a new home or have been refinishing their existing deck for the past years. Often people think the composite decking will be maintenance free, but these decking systems also have their own unique maintenance.

Cleaning Composite Decking

Cleaning the composite deck is very important to maintain its best appearance. It is important to contact the manufacturer of the decking to establish which cleaning product to use on the unique surface area. Our team is knowledgeable in making these decisions and are skilled in the process. We use a power washer in combination with the selected cleaning solution to achieve the best end result of the deck finish.

Time to upgrade to composite decking?

Are you thinking about going from a wood deck to a composite deck? We know the yearly costs of refinishing your deck can become a financial money pit. Unfortunately the cost of a composite decking system is a tremendous investment also. If you are in the market for a composite deck let our team provide you with a few affordable composite decking solutions before you make your final decision. 

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