Deck Season/Maintenance

Winter has passed and its time once again to have your deck cleaned, stained, and/or repaired. As a deck owner you understand the need of yearly maintenance in order to prevent costly repairs on your deck in Northern Arizona. Our team is located in Flagstaff Arizona where temperature swings are very extreme along with snowfall which can be quite destructive to improperly maintained wood decks. Our geological region of Northern Arizona has given us the proving grounds for our proven deck refinishing techniques.

Washing & Re-Staining

Often we have clients request a power washing of their deck and surrounding walkways and driveways to help begin the spring cleaning process of their homes grounds. Although we prefer the amazing look for the freshly sanded and stained deck, we often inspect decks that do not need a sanding and re-stain. This option of power washing and then re-staining for the season is also a great way to keep your deck looking wonderful for years to come and to avoid costly repairs.

Sanding & Re-staining

When your deck has started to breakdown and show signs of aging or a previous refinishing didn't go as planned it is time to sand the deck down to raw wood. Most newly constructed decks are not sanded before they are stained in a new construction setting. This is why time and time again we have clients who built their homes several years prior tell us after they see our final refinishing that their deck never looked this good even when they first built the home.


If you have a board that has split, cracked, or broken it is best to make these repairs before you decide to wash or refinishing the decking. Our team can handle any surface decking replacement or deck sub-structure repair that you may need before beginning the cleaning & refinishing processes.


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