Deck Washing & ReStaining

Although we prefer the amazing finish of a sand & re-stain, we often inspect decks that only need a power wash and re-stain. We use a chemical wash, safe for pets, along with a professional power washing system that removes dirt and opens the wood grain to accept the new stain.

After this process has been properly completed we allow the deck to completely dry and then come back and apply the new stain/finish. We take great pride in refinishing wood decks and look forward to helping you with yours. 



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Refinishing decks in Flagstaff,AZ.




Deck Seal:  similar to paint, it goes over your wooden deck to protect it from water, sun, and other elements that might wear down your wood.

Pressure/Power Washer:  a motorized machine that shoots water out of a nozzle at a high rate of water per minute to clean.